Walk in the Woods With Ray Mears

In May 2018 Ray Mears will lead a group of walkers through a tour of one of England’s ancient forests. The walk will include a talk by Ray about different types of trees, their special features and how they can be used for practical purposes such as survival, carving and what we can learn from them.

Anyone who has seen Ray Mears on the television will know that he has a unique and unrivalled knowledge of bushcraft. He advocates that we learn from nature and take these lessons into our every day life. One thing is for sure: after a walk through the woods with Ray, you will never take hiking lightly again. He will provide a guide to how our ancestors viewed nature and how they survived in the world before supermarkets, shops and ready meals. You will come away from the walk with a greater knowledge of the natural world that we originate from and a greater understanding that we need to be connected to it.

The Walk in The Woods is due to take place one day in May 2018 and will be for six hours between 10am and 4pm.

If you would like to join Ray on this walk then contact Woodlore to book your place on telephone number: 01580 819 668.