The Tree Council

The Tree Council are a UK registered charity set up in 1974 with the express aim of supporting and advocating on a national level for local charities and organisations that plant trees and conserve green spaces;  contact their offices in London on 020 7407 9992 if you would like to work with them, would like to make a donation, or you have a query about how they work and how they are funded.

The Tree Council Grants and Funding

The Tree Council offer grants and other funds to charities, schools, hospitals and other organisations that actively plant trees and offer green spaces to the community. One such is the Orchard Windfalls Fund which provides grants to schools, charities and other not for profit organisations providing they educate children under the age of 16 in the value of conservation encourage them to plant trees. If you would like to speak to the Tree Council to discuss an application for a grant then phone them on 020 7407 9992.

List an Event

If you are a local charity wishing to raise the profile of your work then you may wish to contact the Tree Council to request that they list your work or a special event you are organising on their website. You can do this by phoning the Tree Council on 020 7407 9992.

Volunteer or become a Tree Warden

One of the best ways to help the Tree Council is to volunteer for them in one of the parks that they help run. This work may involve planting trees, taking care of hedgerows or assisting members of the community to become more involved with nature. You may even choose to become a tree warden responsible for the nurture and care of trees in your local area. if you are interested in either of the opportunities the contact the Tree Council on 020 7407 9992.