HMRC Contact Numbers

Contact the HM Revenues and Customs general enquiries number by dialling 0300 200 3310 for enquiries about your self-assessment or phone the HMRC Construction Industry Scheme number 0300 200 3210 to discuss setting up direct payment of tax from your contractors salary.

HMRC General Enquiries Contact Number

HMRC operate a general enquiries telephone line which you can use to inform them about any change in your circumstances that may alter your tax code; you can also contact HMRC on this number to request information held by HMRC on your account and to recieve an estaimate of how much tax you are liable to pay. It is also the correct contact number for customer wishing to inform HMRC of a change of address, name or other confidential information.

Contact the HMRC general enquiries team on 0300 200 3300

Construction Industry Scheme Helpline

The following numbers are for contractors to contact HMRC regarding tax and national insurance contributions of employers and employees within this government scheme. The Construction Industry Scheme makes is easier for companies to organise tax and national insurance contributions of contractors and sub-contractors whilst ensuring that.

CIS Helpline – 0300 200 3210
Employer Helpline – 0300 200 3200
New Employer Helpline – 0300 200 3211

HMRC Self-Assessment Contact Numbers

Customers looking to contact HMRC regarding their annual self-assesment should phone 0300 200 3310 to speak to an adviser for help and support regarding tax returns. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your online account then the number you need is: 0300 200 3600.

HMRC Personal Tax Account Contact Numbers

When you set up your business you will be sent a Government Gateway ID and password which you can use to login to check and amend your tax details and records. If you happpen to lose either your password or login then you should get in touch with HMRC using either the contact numbers below or by reporting it to HMRC on their website.

HMRC Online telephone contact details:
From the UK – 0300 200 3600
From outside the UK – +44 161 930 8445

These numbers are operated by HMRC staff between 8 and 8 Monday to Friday, 8am and 4pm on Saturdays and 9am to 5pm on a Sunday.

HMRC Contact Numbers and Postal Address for new employers

It is important that in planning your construction business you become aware of all the nuances and tax implications as set out by HMRC. Contact HMRC on 0300 200 3200 to get a employer reference number immediately when you employ anyone for your business and to find out about Statutory Sick Pay, and Maternity/Paternity pay rules.

You can also contact HMRC by post to request advice if you are a new employer:

National Insurance Contributions and Employers Office
HM Revenue and Customs

For a more exhaustive list of HMRC telephone numbers see the HMRC page on the Find a Phone Number website.