Historic Birmingham tree for the chop

The oldest tree in Birmingham City Centre is being chopped down today (the 25th Marh 2017). The tree which has stood on Centenary Square, just outside the new Birmingham Library, has stood in its place for a hundred and for years and is being chopped down due to very modern security concerns amidst developments to centenary square due to the new metro extension and other developments.


Objections to the cull which have been voiced by many environmental groups and residents of birmingam ultimately fell on deaf ears as Birmingham City Council approved the plan which the justified by claimng that the size of the tree meant it could conceal a bomb or other security issue. Birmingham Trees for Life, a conservation group, claimed the metro extension could easily have been done without uprooting the tree and object to the claims made by the council that it must make way for the sake of progress in the city. They also argue that the chopping down of this tree illustrates the trend in the city towards chopping down roadside trees with little concern given to the already poor air quality in the city and lack of green on display.

Amey who do alot of the civil engineering in Birmingham have been responsible for the loss of many roadside trees with claims that they do this to save money on tree maintenance rather under the guise of progress. This is under the watching eyes of a council who still love to claim that their city has more trees than Paris. Birmingham will wake up with one less tree and one less reminder of a proud green past.