Government Agencies

Several government agencies, including HMRC, have a hand in helping with the conservation of our natural environment. On this page we will give a run down of which government agencies have a role in preserving the heritage of our landscape, how they do this, and also give telephone contact details if you ned to contact them to find out more, wehether you are a business, a charity or an interested individual. If you, your business, or any charity that you represent own woodlands, forest, or land on an area of outstanding natural beauty then you should contact the relevant department by telephone to find out if you are entitled to support whether this be through tax relief, grants or government investment.


HM Revenue & Customs

National Heritage Tax Relief – One of the main ways HMRC help preserve our countryside is by providing tax relief for national heritage assets including estates, park lands and areas of outstanding natural beauty worth conserving due to trees, plants and wildlife. Tax relief is given to the owner of this property if they agree to either open it to the public or convserve the area for future generations.

Find out if any land or asset that is owned by you, your business, or a charity you represent by contacting the HMRC tax relief number on: 03000 580058
Income Tax – The good news is that HMRC do not charge any income tax on money you bring in on woodlands that you own and work on. However on the flip side they do not offer tax relief for any income you make from your woodlands.

Contact the HMRC’s Income Tax deparment by telephone on 0300 200 3300 to find out more about how any income from woodland that you own effects your income tax or tax relief.
Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax – Charities and national heritage institutions such as the National Trust are not subject to inheritance tax when inheriting poroperty which falls under areas of scenic interst. therefore it is worth contacting HMRC to find out if your institution are subject to this rule when you inherit land.

Contact the HMRC Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax team by telephone on 0300 123 1072.
Heritage Management Plans – HMRC also provide specific tax breaks and extra support for landowners in areas of scenic beauty if they are willing to follow a management plan that is apporoved by HMRC. Two of the main conditions are that you are willing to maintain the area and also provide some access to members of the general public.

Find out what you need to do to apply for a Heritage Management Plan by phoning the HMRC heritage team on 0115 974 2490.

The Forestry Commission


The English Woodland Grant Scheme – The Forestry Commision offer grants to individuals, businesses and charities who undertake to sustain or improve land under their control if it is deemed of scenic beauty. There are also major grant schemes available to charities and individuals who manage woodland regeneration. There are, of course, a raft of qualifying terms and conditions and it is well worth contact the Forestry Commision by telephone to find out if work which you do would qualify under this scheme.

Contact the Foresty Commision by telephone on: 0300 067 4000
Woodland management Grant – This grant is given to companies and individuals to encourage sustainable use of woodland.

Phone 0300 067 4000 to find out if you qualify.
Protected Species research – The Forestry Commision have been overseeing and funding protected species research for the last ten years. This research focuses includes the study of endangered animals and also how we can go about protecting trees and plants.

You can find out more abouth this research by phoning Alice Bloom, who is the project manager on the following telephone number: 0300 067 5900
UK Forest Partnership – This is a partnership of businesses, government and charities to tackle issues such as illegal logging and regenerate UK woodlands and forests.

If you would like to find out more then phone the Forestry Comminsion on the following number: 0300 067 4000

Forestry Commision Scotland

Landscape-scale Ecosystem Restoration – The Forestry Commision Scotland oversee ten natural habitat regeneration projects and provide support to many more through Scotland. They also provide backing to several community projects across Scotland, including Branching out which encourages adults with mental health issues to perform activities such as Tai Chi, walks and shelter building in a natural environment.

If you would like to find out more about the role of the Forestry Commision Scotland or any of the services they provide or support then phone them on: 0300 067 6156.

Forestry Commission Wales

Llais y Goedwig – Since 2010 Llais y Goedwig – the voice of community woodland in English – have recieved ongoing financial support from the Welsh Forestry Commission. This financial support has given them the opportunity to employ a full time member of staff and develop an attractive website that details their work and their vision. You can contact the Forestry Commision Wales on the telephone number provided below:

Forestry Commission Wales Telephone Number: 0300 067 5774