There are many environmental problems effecting todays world and while many bury their heads in the sand pretending these issues don’t exist, there are growing band of people in the UK who believe a return to our green roots will not only help reverse the damage to our planet but also make us happier in the process. A big part of this movement is education and we are fortunate that there are number of colleges, universities and eco-centres at the vanguard of this movement providing scientific, architectural and ecological solutions. In this section of the website we will look at some of these institutions and give advice on how to contact them concerning enrolment, volunteering opportunities and general enquiries.

The Centre For Alternative Technology

A great example of this is the Centre for Alternative Technology, based in Powys Mid Wales. This school offers courses for volunteers, members of the public, graduates and post graduates in subjects such as sustainable architecture, woodland management, hydroelectricity and the built environment. Centre for Alternative Energy Contact number: 01654 705953.