Childrens Orchard Contact Number

Children’s Orchard are a conservation project and charity based in Glasgow, Scotland. Their work encourages children to plant trees and to take more interest in the crops that these trees produce on the orchards which they manage and organise for example the Commonwealth Orchard which . They also work to encourage schools to engage in conservation work, plant trees and engage in other educational projects that help support the environment.

Much of their work is done in the inner cities where they help to create and sustain green spaces that cna be enjoyed and maintained by children as an investment that will follow them well into their adulthood. They work with a huge variety of government agencies and charities including: Glasgow Social Services, Edinburgh City Council, and over ten primary schools in the Glasgow area.

If you would like to volunteer with Children’s Orchard, wish to donate, or would like to find out more about their work then call them on the following telephone number:

John on Telephone Number: 07786 063918

Or you can email him at: