Contact Numbers for Conservation

This website provides all the necessary contact numbers and details for business, individuals and educational institutions with an interest in the preservation and conservation of the United Kingdom’s natural beauty. Arranged in easy to access pages we give contact numbers in neat tables and lists so you can locate the number you need whether you are searching on behalf of a government agency, a business, or yourself you will find the number you need. We have divided the agencies into private, public, charity and also included some government agencies with an interest in conservation for example the charity commision, HMRC, and of course the environmental agency. We will also give the names and telephone contact details of several Eco groups acting in and around the United Kingdom, including those of: pressure groups, organic farming organisations, and conservation projects. Lastly we provide contact information for various Aboriculture groups acting in and around the United Kingdom.


On our charities page we have listed some of the most well known charities dealing in conservation, such as Greenpeace and the WWF, but also included local agencies and some smaller charities for example the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust which looks after hundreds of hectares of protected wildlife in that county. The page also details some charities which help protect endangered species around the world and promote conservation in other countries. An example of this is International Animal Rescue who do much good work to help save Borneo’s orangutang population. All the charities mentioned are accompanied by full contact telephone details where appropriate.


In recent years a larger share of the burden for funding conservation projects has been taken up by private donations. These donors have contributed $8.2 billion globallly over the course of the last ten years and this figure is set to rise over then next ten, making direct private financial donation a mainstay of the conservation sector. On this page we will provide telephone contact details of organisations that you can donate to if you would like to contribute to the conservation and restoration of forests and woodlands in the UK.

Government Agencies

The Environment Agency are the main public body dealing with conservation policy and projects in the United Kingdom, their responsibilities also including organising flood defence and providing fishing and rod licensing and waste management. Their role in forming waste management policy is supported by HMRC who enforce laws with taxation and fines for companies who don’t follow proper waste management procedures. HMRC also help operate the capital allowance law whereby ennergy efficient companies are rewarded with a reduced tax bill. In Scotland the Scottish Environemt Protection Agency (SEPA) are in charge of setting conservation and environnment policy and enforcing new rulings. Contact telephone numbers for all these agencies are provided on the government agencies page of this website. Visit the Government agencies page for more information.

Eco Groups

Eco groups are a type of organisation – often a charity – who concentrate their efforts on campaigning for conservation and green concerns by putting pressure on local and national government and by challenging private companies who act in a non-environmentally friendly manner. On the Eco groups page we provide the contact details of the biggest Eco groups acting in and around the UK and also telephone numbers for various smaller and local groups.


Arboriculture is the study of the maintenance, conservation and management of trees and shrubs in their natural environment for the benefit of humans. One of the features of Aboriculture and trhe one that distinguishes it from tree-surgery is that it is a scientific apporoach and in some senses academic. The Arboricultural Association, based in Gloucestershire are the leading organisation in the UK for this field of research. We provide their contact details on out Aboriculture page.